Full Floor Serviced Office

If it is a job for you to think about fixed expenses such as long-term lease contracts, internet, water, electricity, heating, cooling, furniture decoration, tea, coffee, we offer you our Ready Office solutions so that you can get rid of all these and focus only on your business. You will no longer think about services such as technical infrastructure (internet, telephone), secretariat services, kitchen services, cleaning services, heating-cooling, while working in offices furnished with modern furniture and equipped with all office tools at prestigious addresses with flexible contract terms.

If you're starting a new business or are in the process of holding on, making long-term leases, budgeting for office decorations, hiring a secretary to answer your phone calls can put you at great risk.

While minimizing your risk with our serviced office solutions, you can enjoy comfortable working spaces in prestigious locations at fixed prices, much more convenient than you planned, without extra expenses.

You can start working by renting the 250 m2 floors where 20-30 people can work and with separate management rooms, together with all the services you will need.

  • Legal business address in a prestigious location,
  • Allocating a special phone line on behalf of your company (with area code 212, 216, 232 or 850)
  • Possibility to port your own number,
  • Receiving incoming phone calls with the name of your company and notifying you instantly,
  • Receiving and keeping your mail and cargo, forwarding it to a different address when you wish,
  • Welcoming and hosting your guests,
  • Free meeting room/office usage right of #150TL# per month, which you can use in all our centers,
  • 50% discount on short-term meeting room and office use in all our regions,
  • Mobile application services where you can follow your business on all your smartphones and on the web